Meet our brand new school council

 Monday 2nd October 2017 

Congratulations and very well done to our 7 new school council representatives. 

We have had our very first meeting today and it was very exciting! Later on this afternoon we will be introducing ourselves to the whole school …..


Helping To Keep Children And Adults Safe When Entering Or Leaving Our Carpark

Following a recent meeting, the children shared their concerns over safety in our school carpark.  In order to keep the  (sometimes over-crowded carpark)  safe, we’ve been out to do random walks out at pick up time. 

The children have politely thanked parents, carers and visitors for reducing their speed and reminded them to park safely.

Great job school council. 

Launched today!!

School councillors have visited the whole school today to invite the children to enter our poster competition.  With Internet safety week approaching we thought it’d be a great idea to hi light some of the safety steps we could all put into practise whilst we’re on the Internet.

The deadline for this competition is Friday 20th January.  Good luck!

Happy New Year

We spent our first meeting back after the Christmas holidays talking about some fresh ideas.  Here are some of our future plans:

  • Wildlife day
  •  Indoor room at lunchtimes for role models to play Lego, games, draw etc
  • Internet safety week
  • Safety of children and adults when entering and leaving our school

Monday 5th December

Today we had really productive meeting with Mr Rowling.  We covered a few items which we’d love to carry out involving the junior toilets.

.  Signs (boy / girl)

.  Soap for the boys

.  Air fresheners

.  To clean, partway through the day

.  Car air fresheners

.  Pictures in frames


Monday 28th November

Following the decision to make the Junior toilets our main focus, we promptly paid visits to all our neighbouring classes.  We needed to hear other ideas and suggestions. We weren’t disappointed!

Here are some of the great ideas we wrote down  after talking to everyone:

. Multi coloured walls

. Automatic air fresheners

.  Pegs to hang coats/bags

.   Wall stickers

. Signs which encourage good hygiene

. Fragrant soap

. Paintings or posters